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An Admiral's Farewell
 On Friday evening, July 21, 2016, Sue and daughters Stacey and Sally, plus Sally’s husband, arrived at the Kings’ house on Paradise Point, in anticipation of joining the Ericson sailboats in Lobster Cove, prior to Jim’s ceremony.  Dave and Mary Roper also arrived, with Dave managing to lighten everyone’s mood with his entertaining and amusing stories that he is so good at telling. As departure time approached, we all boarded BLUE BIRD and as befit the occasion, made our slow and stately way across the bay to the waiting boats. We were greeted by special "signal flags” flying – Jim’s Ericson T-shirts from years of past rendezvous’ – a sweet reminder of our purpose. Sue wanted to have a little time to greet everyone before the ceremony so we boarded the party boats for a hello and a drink.   Shortly thereafter, Sue said, "It’s time.” The family and the Kings got back on board BLUE BIRD with a special bell to signal the waiting Ericson boats that the burial at sea had taken place. The Kings provided a beautiful array of long stemmed flowers for everyone to toss in the water after the ceremony, with special white flowers for the family. Once out a short distance away, the boat stopped - the time had come for the family to drop Jim’s ashes (in a special sail bag that had belonged to his father’s boat, with the name RASCAL stamped on it) off the bow of BLUE BIRD.  The bell was rung twice and white roses were tossed. Hearing the two bells, the waiting boats fired off a loud shot from Jim’s cannon, and the ceremony was concluded, following Jim’s wishes. The waiting members tossed their flowers upon the water. BLUE BIRD returned amid a floating bouquet, and we resumed the party, continuing to share stories and memories, with tears and laughter until dusk. 
Thank you to all for a fitting tribute to a fine sailor, friend, and the leader who kept us all together for all these years. It was a beautiful sunset and ride back up the bay.  Jim would have loved every minute of it!


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