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Mildew Control  submitted by Sally F, but she was not the writer:

When I used to worked in construction and discovered mildew on the wood, we would spray the wood with 150 proof alcohol (Everclear in the liquor store). Then shine a black light or bright light on the wood until it was dry. This would kill the mildew.

When I ran a hotel and guests left their doors open to the patio (in Florida) and turned off their air conditioner, we had quite a problem with the mildew growing on the lampshades and even the walls. But we couldn't use bleach as it would discolor/discharge things. So we used the 150 proof alcohol in spray bottles. You can then wipe it clean after it kills the gray grunge.

It also works great cut 9 parts water with 1 part 150 proof alcohol as a disinfectant in bathrooms without having that bleach smell. It cleans and kills junk. Hope this helps.

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