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Current and Past Members

Deb and Bob Barris

Bruce and Sherry Cobb

Clay and Sharon Corriveau


Matthew (taking picture), Helen,

Sally and David Field

Eric and Susan Greven

Helen and Bob Hemeon

Will and Dana James

Dave Jansen and Sharon Defoliara


Sue Keefer

Pam and Bruce King


Marilyn and David Lord

Charles, Marlene and Ingrid Lund and Scott

Gary and Elaine Neville


Ellen and Bill O'Donnell


Pete and Kim Palermo

Annie and Larry Reynolds

Dave and Mary Kaye Roper

Bill Shuman

Roy and Valerie Seibel

If you have a sailing related picture of Roy and Valerie, please email it to

Don and Anne Stevenson

Ted and Lana Thomas

Chris and Jaye Thurlow

Linda dodge and Joe Varulo

Neal Weinstein

************   In Loving Memory ************

Elaine Shuman

Traudel and Howard Briscoe


Admiral Jim Keefer

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