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2015 Summer Rendezvous: July 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2015

    Our 2015 MEOA summer rendezvous is now history and the attendee's have some wonderful memories.

    The outlook for the weather wasn't the best, but it ended up in our favor.

    Due to a lot of effort, we had a better showing of boats for the Friday night cocktail party than expected.

    On Saturday, some the people traveled over to CABBAGE ISLAND on the BENNIE ALICE and were met by Bob and Deb Barris at FISHERMAN'S WHARF to enjoy a fun lunch at waterfront, followed by an afternoon of relaxing and drinks on the patio (I think this should become a tradition in the future).

    Arriving at CABBAGE ISLAND, we were met by Wayne and Bob Moore at the dock and were made to feel like royalty. They and the staff are such special people. BENNIE was there running the gift shop and is now in her 94th year. It's always fun to see her.

    The clambake was wonderful as always and we enjoyed our lobster and chicken on the deck in our own private spot. Because of the " iffy " weather, they had set us up tables inside but we made the choice to do it on the deck as usual. What a good choice it was, as the weather was great with no rain, no bugs and just a little breeze. We all came away with a feeling of just how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such a good time with good friends at a place in Maine that is known as CABBAGE ISLAND. We are truly blessed.

    The Gordon Pendleton Trophy was awarded to Bob and Deb Barris on the E-35 SKIDBLADNIR. They went way out of their way to get their boat ready for this year and showed the spirit that is MEOA. Also, enough can't be said about all the work that Bob spends keeping our web-site up and running.

    While speaking of MEOA spirit, we were so happy to be joined by Joe Varuolo and Lynda Dodge again this year. They no longer own an Ericson but enjoy getting together with us every year. They are so much fun and we really enjoy having them in our group.

    We did end-up with a good turnout but I'm sorry that more could not attend. It's the people that make MEOA so special. We would love to see more of you.

    My thanks go out to all that helped make the 2015 summer rendezvous another success.

    The winter rendezvous will again be held in February. More info will follow.

    My daughter Stacey just posted a very nice clip of our rendezvous on the US HARBORS web site along with four very nice pictures. To view it, just type in US Harbors on the Internet and look for “MAINE’S SAILING ERICSON OWNERS PARTY ON”. I think you will enjoy it.

    I feel so lucky to be your President,

    Jim Keefer

Here are some pictures of the activities throughout the weekend. Click on pictures to enlarge:

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