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Maine Ericson Owners Association Summer Rendezvous 2016

On Saturday, July 16, 2016, some of the luckiest and nicest people on this earth met at a place in Maine called CABBAGE ISLAND. The reason was to rendezvous with fellow Maine Ericson Owners Association members. It is a tradition (for 28 years) to get together sometime in mid- July to enjoy not only our love for Ericson sailboats, but mostly to enjoy the company and friendships that we have enjoyed over the years.

For various reasons, our numbers were down to only twelve attendees this year, but what a good twelve they were. Some came over on the BENNY ALICE and others on a boat called BLUE BIRD.

We were again met by Wayne and Bob and knew that we were still welcomed after something like eleven years. Unfortunately we were told that Benny was in the hospital with pneumonia and we sure wish her well.

One thing that we learned was that even with small numbers, we continue to have a wonderful time together. We have built -up some very strong friendships (both old and new) over the years.

As usual, the Lobster Bake was wonderful, and we all agreed that it must be one of the best available anywhere. I must say that the staff goes way out of their way to make us feel at home. They even wrapped up all the lobster bodies and parts for Annie to take home to pick. When we used to sail out on our cruise's in the past, Annie did this so that we could enjoy it with our PUSSERS at the first night's cocktail party aboard our boats . I always thought that she added something else to the lobster because we all seemed to end up a little tipsy at the end of the evening.

The GORDON PENDLETON trophy for spirit went to the Ropers this year. We all thought that not only this year, but since they have been members, they have shown the spirit that makes us what we are. We are so happy to have them aboard.

We also enjoyed Dave Ropers reading of his last posting in Points East Magazine. Get a copy and read it. It is another good example of his wit and humor that we can all relate to.

Because of the fact that we didn't have any boats in the water for the Friday night cocktail party, we had a few land-side get-togethers, but all agreed that next year we will bring back the boat party. It has always been a big part of our weekend. You will be getting up-dates on all this as time goes by.

We again met on the Boothbay waterfront to have lunch and drinks on the dock. It made a fun day, leading up to our departure on the BENNY ALICE for the island. If any of you ever have any family or friends looking for a real Maine clambake, send them to CABBAGE ISLAND; they will love it.

The Winter Rendezvous will again be held at our house in Union at a date to be decided on sometime in February (we will keep you posted).

Even though our numbers were down this year, we are not the least bit discouraged and are looking for another great year in 2017. Please join us.

I'm so lucky to be your President,

Jim Keefer


Fair winds and following seas to all, any questions please contact:

President - Jim Keefer (207-785-6205)

Vice President - Bill O’Donnell (207-542-0098 or

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