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Maine Ericson Owners Association Winter Rendezvous 2016

Here is a recap of the 2016 MEOA Winter Rendezvous, held Saturday March 5, 2016 at the residence of Jim & Sue Keefer in Union, Maine (and many thanks to them for being gracious hosts again!)

There was a wonderful self-serve pot-luck luncheon provided by all the attendees, who outdid themselves with the food again – it was delicious.

David Roper came prepared and read two stories of his – both of which he described as being “appropriate for a group of folks growing older and for their understanding”. All attendees were silent in rapt attention as he shared these thoughts with us.

President Jim then spoke about clarifying the confusing situation regarding dues which will be resolved as per the following. As a matter of course, Annual Dues become payable as of New Year’s Day and certainly should be paidas a part of attendance at Winter Rendezvous. The latest acceptable dues for a given year need to be paid before you can attend Summer Rendezvous. Should we encounter a “new” crew for membership at or following the Summer Rendezvous, any dues received by them at or after Summer Rendezvous will be taken as their payment on the next year’s Annual Dues.

 Additionally, to resolve the nagging question of “did we already pay our dues?”, Treasurer Deb will turn over the list of paid Members to Webmaster Bob – he will make sure that all currently paid members are listed on our web site.

 The only other item up for discussion was the date of the Summer Rendezvous. It has been informally decided that Summer Rendezvous will be the weekend of July 15-16-17, 2016Please check and mark your calendars accordingly!

Additional note if you did not attend the 2016 Winter Rendezvous - - We would like to know if you are still interested in being a Member of MEOA; are you planning to rejoin, do you wish to continue to receive information from us? Please get in touch with one of the Officers for follow up!

Respectfully Submitted,

Larry Reynolds, Secretary



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