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Maine Ericson Owners Association Winter Rendezvous 2017

On Saturday March 4th we had our Winter Rendezvous at our home in Union, Maine.

The turnout was one of the best that I can remember and again, it was a great bunch of friends and sailors swapping tales and good food and drink. As far as numbers go I think we had a crowd of about 35 people. To my recollection, that’s the most that we have had since we have been having it at our house. We were able to get Erik and Susan Greven to meet with us and it was so much fun to get caught up with them again. They are doing well, and are planning to join us this summer at Rendezvous. If anybody thinks of some other Members from the past that might want to join us, please let me know.

We have some new members to welcome to the group:

-  Tracy Adams and James King were in attendance. They have an E-34 named Island Girl.

-  Matt and Helen Wierzba with their two sons, Zephur and Kai, have an E36C named Wind Horse, and it looks like a nice one. The Wierzba’s would have joined us at Rendezvous if it wasn’t for a screw-up on our end with e-mail. I am sure that we will get to meet them this summer. My apologies to them. 

I can’t say enough about the great food and people that always show up.  The help that our staff puts in is very appreciated. I also have to thank my wife Sue for all the work that she puts in order to make this a success.

My thanks to everybody.

Jim Keefer

President , MEOA

REMINDER! We are now collecting dues for 2017. If you have not paid yet, send your $15.00 check (made out to MEOA) to either Deb Barris or Jim Keefer. We thank you in advance for taking care of this now rather than later.


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