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Maine Ericson Owners Association Summer Rendezvous 2018

It was wonderful to see all of you who attended the Winter Rendezvous back in March. It will be great to gather again – but this time outdoors and enjoy Cabbage Island and their celebration of the Maine Lobster Dinner!!!!!!


We had a pretty good participation of members bringing their boats to Lewis Cove last year, it would be nice to see that duplicated again this year. The traditional gathering in Lewis Cove on Friday Night will be maintained. The MEOA Punch and hors d’oeuvres will begin in the 5PM-ish to 5:30PM-ish range. As soon as information regarding price and availability of moorings from Linekin Bay Resort is determined, it will be emailed right out. (FYI - Last year it was $50 per evening, which included showers and breakfast the next morning for two people).

The Kings will provide transportation to Cabbage Island via Bluebird for the Lobster Bake. Please – only those members with their boats in Lewis Cove can be transported to Cabbage Island this way.


Anyone interested in having lunch as a group will meet at the head of the Boothbay Harbor town dock (next to Fisherman’s Wharf) at approximately noon and will proceed from there. There will be plenty of time for socializing. If not interested in lunch, make sure you are present near the Cabbage Island booth (next to Fisherman’s Wharf) prior to the boarding of the Bennie Alice at approximately 4:30pm for the trip to Cabbage Island!

Please send your completed Registration Form with your indication of your choices, along with your check to: Deb Barris, Treasurer MEOA, PO Box 519, Boothbay, ME 04537.

Hope to see you there, fair winds and following seas to all, any questions please contact:

President - Bill O’Donnell (207) 542-0098
Vice President – Mike Cobb (207) 712-8843
Treasurer – Deb Barris (207) 286-5966
Secretary - Larry Reynolds (207) 232-3384

Larry Reynolds, Secretary


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